June 1st, 2008

creepy, friendly


Hello, all. My name is Kassaundra, and I've recently stumbled upon this group.  I hope that I am allowed to be here, so allow me to tell my story, in the quickest way possible.

When I was a baby, I began learning things far before most babies did, started making words and even reading sooner than most. Upon entry into Kindergarten, I could not grasp the idea of authority figures in that I was a very creative child and left to my own devices would draw and talk all day long. When confined to the routine of day care, kindergarten and elementary school, I would get work done very quickly and then make a nuissance of myself. My parents were told that it was possible that I was a "gifted learner" because of this, and my "imagination" as they put it. From an early age, I was very interested in the paranormal and ghosts, and ultimately pulled or drawn towards what other children would think was "creepy".

I went to a councellor, who identified me as a gifted learner and I was put into an enrichment class program which happened once every two weeks. There, I seemed to flourish among my peers, where as at the elementary school level, I floundered. My parents have always told me that I have seemed whatever age, going on 40. However, that's their job, isn't it?

Above all of these things, I've had many experiences that could be interpretted as paranormal, or just plain strange. I am 19 now, and studying to be a news reporter, as I feel that is a good way to spread knowledge around the world to many citizens. I've always wanted to reach out and touch people on a personal/spiritual/inspiration level. In grade 12, I went to Mississippi to rebuild houses for victims of Katrina, for no other reason than the people's suffering made me so sad.

I am not religious. I would say that I am agnostic and open minded. My father is very interested in native spirituality, and to this, I feel that I have a very close bond to nature. In that, I will say that I love Mother (referring to earth and nature).

I would not claim to being an indigo child, as I feel that this action could be considered rude or disrespectful, but rather that I've felt so different from my peers all of my life, and nothing has made more sense to myself than this. I hope that it is possible to find a place within this group where I can feel support and balance.