November 4th, 2008

Life Story

'Through the thicket of floral they tread.
Visions of nostalgia
caught in a spider's web"

Mom told me. I was a very little girl when the pilot announced over the intercom the engine was failing. Mom and Dad were with me. Mom thought about my sister, she didn't want to leave an orphan behind. It was panic and terror. I fell fast asleep. I did not stir until the plane had landed safely and careened to a stop. We should have died.

It was either fourth or fifth grade. I climbed the staircase from the front hall after school. My head had just peeked over the top of the railing when I knew, without emotion or precaution, that my sister had broken up with her boyfriend. I remember feeling my excitement for the premonition-come-true compete with sympathy as I saw her crying on the floor with the phone by her side.

My uncle had died. I hadn't seen my aunt since I was four or five. She came to my barn one day and hugged me in the isle. She told me she remembered when I was a talkative child who told wonderful stories and talked to people in the trees.
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