June 5th, 2009

Sorry about this

I know I said that it was going to be a one time post, but the site and address/link have changed,
and I doubt anyone would have gone back to see if a small snippet of a post had changed.

I'm posting this once more because for a couple days after I first posted the info, I would come back to my
computer to find someone had been there only to leave again when no one else was there or the user
that was there didn't respond. I speak of course of a web/chat site that I have created for others like us.

The site I put together, will eventually be more I hope, with articles and links to other similar sites.
Right now, the main focus is the chat page. I personally learn much more from interactive live communication
with others than i do from just plain reading. I suspect many others are the same.

Since the chat is so new, there is only 1 regular user. That user is Tachyon. Tachyon is almost always in there,
but not always at the computer. So if you happen by the chat, and aren't busy, please stick around for a bit, maybe
just keep the page open in the background or something even if you're really bored. this will encourage anyone else
that pops in to say hello instead of just leaving a moment later. You may even catch Tachyon at some point.

I am also sorry if anyone sees this message more than onces, as I am cross posting this in an attempt to
bring together as many indigos and others of like mind together.

Click here to visit the site.
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