November 10th, 2014

I'm new

I've always had a feeling that something weird about me but never confronted it. I've seen the same spirit/ghost twice in different times of my life. Recently, someone who I believe is also an Indigo or maybe even a Crystal and was also my most recent relationship, had passed away and these past two years, I've never been so lost.

These recent months I've kept to myself & liked being alone, which has actually developed more than 3 years ago. I wasn't happy. I got very depressed & I feel like I actually am still mildly depressed. I show obvious symptoms of "ADHD" and I always have premonitions such as seeing an old friend of mine next to my car at a stop sign & remembering what a good soul/friend he was in elementary, when I met him, then he passed away the following week & I felt in my heart I was meant to cross paths with him for some reason. I also have had paranormal experiences such as lights turning off all of a sudden & also my broken TV turned on right when I was thinking of Eric (my boyfriend that passed). I sometimes feel like I'm being watched especially in the recent house we just moved in & I have always looked up at the stars for hours gazing at the sky for some apparent reason. Am I an indigo child? I have no idea but reading all of this research these past months have made me question myself and sadly, my ideas of religion. Help? :(