no name. (sadmatthias) wrote in indigochildren,
no name.

i've had many dreams about fighting ghosts, or supernatural things by religious means in the past week.
lastnight was my most vivid dream, it involved me, my grandparents and my apartment, more so the bathroom in my apartment.
theres pink plasma all over my bathroom. the walls, the shower curtain, the mirror, everything. and theres an all around feeling of malevolance. next thing i know, my grandmother and i are reciting hail marys and our fathers left and right, and my grandmother mind you, is a strict roman catholic, and she always wears a cross that was given to her by a dominican friar. in this dream the cross is used, more or less as a means to focus our prayers into the bathroom; shes clenching it like a victim in some vampire movie. she goes under and starts speaking in tongues and theres lightning and the tvs flashing on and off and everything electrical is going berserk. the amount of the plasma stuff is increasing with every prayer and the amount of electrical activity increases too, more lightning, more tv flashing etc...
it all ends after a very bright flash of purple light, i'm staring at my grandparents, theres plasma dripping off everything in the bathroom and its all over, like that. it was strange.
as for the others, one involved a posessed priest whom i exorcised in latin [mind you i cant speak latin] and another took place on calvary, where jesus was crucified, i physically fought two pitch-black demons. people already think i'm a nut, so i got nothing to lose posting this stuff. haha.

latin. japanese lights are burning longer.
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