no name. (sadmatthias) wrote in indigochildren,
no name.

i have the abilty to tell when i'm being lied to.
i know if someone i love is nearby.
i know peoples emotions before i even talk to them.
i can read people like books.

i think drinking alcohol and its effects on people are all subjective.
so if youre having a hard time holding your liquor, it might not be because youre an indigo.
i think smoking pot doesnt dull the senses, or sharpen them at any rate.
but i enjoy it, and i find it doesnt hinder me in anyway, if anything, it allows me the ability to access certain thought patterns, which then provide me with insight into certain things. [now thats a hard thing to explain, so i wont, since i dont care to, if you know, you know]
as for crying at the drop of a hat, i dont understand. have you checked your hormone levels??

i think everyone should stop trying to find meaning in EVERYTHING. and that includes life.
theres only one thing we absolutely have to do, die.
all the rest is just imposed. but that doesnt mean you have a right to be a bum.
and once again, thats all subjective too. lol
train of thought derailed...

incomplete thoughts jotted here. dont bitch at me.
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