Sharon (yortikins) wrote in indigochildren,

Help a student out?


My name is Sharon and I am currently taking a course called "Adolescent Rites of Passage" at the New College of California in San Francisco. I was wondering if anybody in this forum might be able to help me with a paper I am doing.

In G.W. Hardin's book, Indigo Rising, he talks about several ways in which parents of Indigo Children can help them create their own rites of passage. I am trying to find anyone who has participated in such a ritual who might be willing to share the experience with me. If so, please email me at:

indigo_research at

If I interview you and you're under 18 we'll need to arrange for your parents to sign a consent form. I'm happy to pass on my completed research and answer any questions.

Thanks for your time!
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