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Lets Chat

Has anyone watched or posted to this thread, and whished...
"I hope someone replies soon."?

Have you ever wanted to chat live with others to ask questions,
or give advice/info and just have general discussions on some of
these topics, in real time chat?

This is not a plug.. this is a one time only post to this thread.
If anyone is interested in chatting with others of like mind and interest,
please, click the link below that will take you to a chat that I have
created for others like us to communicate.

EDIT: The site has changed as has the address, I have updated the link to match.
If you are interested, please click here.

Please keep in mind that It's very new, so likely empty most times, and that there is one user that is almost always listed in there, but not always at the computer. That user is Tachyon.
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