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Planetary Change

Last night, Januari 4th, I woke up in the middle of the night from a very detailed and clear dream. When I woke up to write it down, I was still in a very shifted alpha state.

What I was told in this dream felt so important that I want to share it with others out there, both to see if you might have had a similar experience and to let as many people as possible know of the message I was given about a major change happening to our planet.


A voice spoke out in my mind and said: "Two weeks ago, One of us beamed over to announce that we are coming, and to start the healing."

I was told this very insistently. It felt like a transmission that was made to many people around the world. I could see it very clearly in the corner of the space I was in, a light green beam that got more pure the higher I few up to look at it.

I sense that two weeks ago, a group from outside this planet sent over a targeted beam of energy to let us know big changes were about to happen and that they were coming to help us with this process. The green beam of light cuts through and affects all energetic planes of this world, and although it was sent in clear and pure, it picked up more dense energies by the time it reached the physical world.

There was a black woman, a housekeeper and a client of mine that I was about to work with. She doesnt really believe me when I mention this green beam and the message to her later. I realised that just me flying higher to see it would freak her out.

The black relates to dense energies, and along with the housekeeper reference talks about the less aware people, those who only see a physical world. Most of those people will have trouble
understanding and accepting this message, partly because it was diluted already and more difficult to perceive, and partly because they do not want to accept the meta-intuitive as a force that is real and influences their life. I was given to understand these are the people I will be working with.

When I sought them out and asked from where They were coming, they said clearly "Pleiades".

There is something familiar about the feel of the ones who are talking to me, although I can not make out individuals. They are insistent to get this message across, and they felt warmly and concerned about us as a planet.

They told me "Change is needed for this planet's rebirth."

They are here to help us. They will strike at others, stike because we as a planet have been injured by these others. I then saw a black jaguar with a dark angry feel to it, often the symbol of dark shamanism, and got the sense that it is saver and easier for these dark forces to be out now. This black jaguar looked excited. It seemed to be a warning that other forces are taking advantage of the chaos and change in the energies of this planet, and a promise that they will help us deal with them.

They are light beings, and they have been talking to us for decades. They said: "We are here now. You should prepare." When I asked for what, they simply said "For change."

There was a reference of "4 to 50" that I did not get further clarity on. 4 seems to be about a number of people, 50 more a duration, perhaps a number of days. Maybe someone else who heard this message has more clarity on that.

It seemed this message was sent out to many of us, and it was more than a transmission. They would answer questions directly and straightforward. This isn't the first time they sent out a message like this, but most of us are not listening, or don't remember.

There is a strong sense that they already here and working. The day before, I have felt and seen 7 or 8 beams of light being pointed at the planet from outer space, running more energy through the earth, making her want to grow, to expand, to move into something bigger.


It is clear to me that this, right now, is a time of major change not just for us as individuals, but for the planet as a whole. Change is hard on people, because it's scary and because we are so used to our comfortable ideas and habits. Yet, they clearly said we should prepare. They did not say how we should go about this.

For the last half year, I and others have worked to build an online teaching center where anyone can learn about the meta-intuitive arts and develop their gifts. A while ago, my teacher
and wisdom master held an amazing semimar on how to deal with change. I feel it would help all of us to prepare for these changes, and to make sure we won't be knocked over when it comes.

The transcript of this talk can be found here.

Please distribute this message to any others who would benefit from hearing it, and if you have any experiences or thoughts to add, feel free to contact me. I would love to hear of others who either heard this message or resonate with it.


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