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 Are other people finding that things like your food tolerances, allergies etc are changing rapidly at the moment, and that your sleep patterns are begin to stop matching the usual Earth cycle? I am finding these things happening to me at the moment (I now get sick if I eat something other than organic meat and veg, and I get very ill if I am in a place where theres a smell of plastic, and I sleep very differently, as if the day/night cycle is about 30 hours long). 
Just wondering...

QUESTIONS!: Auras & shit

Hey: I know little to nothing about tan aura. All I know is that they're mostly sorta mental & they come in different hues/overlays/types. As far as I know, I've never met any tans aura. (I like to think of them as beings golds because I'm fucking Disney like that. Gold is pretty & it has sort of an angelic-earth quality to it =P) I don't see auras, I just feel people's personalities, sorta....


So, my first question is: Within this Metaphysical Renaissance that I sobbingly hope is coming true with us, the Indigos, then the crystals, then the star children & so on, do you think an indigo tan might show up some day? or a violet tan?!? O.o I know sensitive tan comes from a light blue, but I was wondering what a difference that would be.

Why or Why Not?

Just, I dunno, just the way with the energy of the world has been shifting so much (just for a small example: spring is coming. For a slightly bigger example, the United States (where I live) is turning over it's power figures this year. & we (the US) is continuing to get caught up in ancient religious civil wars, where we are completely not equipt. Not only is our world just shit-business as usual, but everyone's in everyone else's business, whether they put themselves there or somehow got appointed there. Plus there's the internet making the world smaller, our planet trying to exfoliate & purge herself like she's covered in ticks. .... The Times, old children, they are a-changing.

These are the thoughts that plague me while I'm trying to live my mundane little life. What about you?

Shanti, y'all -
- Lo -

PS: Anyone know what the Dalai lama's alleged aura color is, perchance?
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new chat!

hello all!

I am starting up an IRC chat for Indigo Children & Adults!
This is an all-ages chat, and is meant to connect Indigos looking for chat, friends, support, or just more of a sense of an active community...

to join us:

visit www.dal.net - enter in your desired nick-name in the panel to the right, and login.
once connected, type in: /join #indigos

or, if you have the mIRC client:

server: irc.dal.net port: 6667
channel: #indigos

hope to see you soon!

~ V
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Negative Vibes

Did anyone else feel a sharp, sudden, almost painful emotional discomfort today?

I passed out this afternoon and when I woke up everything felt... different. I had this swirling vortex of sorrow consume me. The feeling in and of itself is quite indescribable, and the sorrow is not borne out of sadness yet it is still mired in morosity. The sorrow felt is second only to sheer terror. This fearfulness is not a disdainful worry about a speculative future which hasn't come to pass, rather, it is a frightful uncertainty about the present; the here and now. At the same time it is vastly more complex than just fear and sorrow. It is almost similar to something I felt many years ago, only exponentially more powerful. This vexatious emotional squall seems rather unwarranted though as my personal, romantic, and professional lives are all doing stellar. Perhaps the most important thing to point out is that this feeling is quite alien to me, as if it weren't my own feelings but rather an empathic reverberation of what someone else is feeling.

The most aggravating aspect of it all is that I am heedlessly unaware of how to reconcile these rogue emotions. I've said several times over the past few months (in my personal journal) that something big and something bad was forthcoming. If those prognostications are correct then I fear that this is the precursor to its arrival.

Am I alone in these feelings or have others experienced something similar today? This can't just be some petty side effect of Mercury retrograding... this is far more ominous and sinister.
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accredited highschool homeschool/independent study in Los Angeles

I finally caved and agreed to take my son's pleas for homeschooling past the romantic idea phase and into the a one year commitment, and beyond if it works out. He's been working towards becoming a professional skateboarder since he was 8 years old, so we need to find a way to juggle his commitment to skateboarding and my desire for him to be keep the option for college in place...and for him to not miss out on all that knowledge...yeah.

I don't need to be talked into it anymore, but I still am anxious and lost. I've read and researched and have come up with my basic requirements: that he he will receive a high school diploma for an accredited institution, but that the program we are attached to provide as much freedom for he and I to choose his pace as well as the study materials.

Over winter break we experimented, and I had great fun getting documentaries and sciene videos from the library, and assigning him books and essays that I know he would love, but I believe we need something more
structured, and definitely attached to an accredited program.

By searching on the web, I've found Laurel Springs in Ojai. Does anybody know about them? I don't necessarily want a program that is so developed and complete that if I were to include my own study materials, he would be completely overwhelmed. I'd like to find something based in Los Angeles if possible. Any suggestions/recommendations?

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piratey wrath


There's a new online community for indigo children and adults that looks more promising than any of the others I've seen so far. At first glance it's pretty user friendly, and it looks like it's being run by a good, if small group of folks.

You can find it here.
piratey wrath

Here's a question for ya.

This is kinda geared more towards indigo adults, but anyone is welcome to contemplate, answer, or ignore.

Do you find that you have trouble trying to establish and maintain romantic relationships with people who are not indigo-ish, or at least with people who aren't on a similar wavelength spiritually/creatively?

I've always thought that different viewpoints about life add spice and challenge and a delightful sort of friction to relationships, at least up to a point. But lately I begin to wonder, and to doubt.

Suggestions? Comments? Suggestive comments?
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